Bizfon is a supplier of affordable, simple small business phone systems. Designed to be plug and play, the Bizfon 680 and the BizTouch phones are meant to take the complication out of designing your phone system so you can get back to what really makes your business profitable. Dotcom Computers carries a large range of Bizfon phones including the BizTouch 2, the BizTouch 3, 5, and even 6! We have a wide range of different revision Bizfon including the 3.1 and 3.3 680. Both main unit 1 and expansion units 2, 3, and 4 are kept in stock and ready to ship.

  • Bizfon 680 Expansion Cable 10-PIN Cord

    Bizfon 680 Expansion Cable 10-PIN Cord

    The Bizfon expansion cable is a 10-pin cable, with a special pinout, used to connect a Bizfon 680 main unit to an expansion unit(s).  The cable is required otherwise you will not be able to expand your system.  A standard Cat5E or Cat6E...
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  • Curly Cord Bizfon Handset Curly Cords Lot of 10 - New

    Bizfon Handset Curly Cords Lot of 10 - New

    These Bizfon handset cords are brand new replacements for your Bizfon phone. The cords come in Bizfon's charcoal or black color to match your phone. Each cord is 9 feet long when outstretched, allowing users to stretch the cord safely while working. The...
    MSRP: $22.99
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  • Bizfon BT2 Biztouch Black Corded Display Phone

    Bizfon BT2 BizTouch 2 Phone Black

    The Bizfon BT2 is an affordable business phone designed for use with Bizfon's 680 phone system. An analog phone with a built in display, the BizTouch 2 supports functions such as Caller ID. In addition, four soft keys at the top of the phone make...
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  • Bizfon Biztouch3 BT3 Biztouch Gray Phone

    Bizfon Biztouch3 BT3 Biztouch Gray Phone

    Please note if using Comcast: Comcast is known for 'surging' the line which burns out the BT3 phone's chipset. Any BT3 sent back for RMA with a burned chipset will have their warranty voided. The BizTouch 3 is Bizfon's top of the line phone designed for...
    MSRP: $191.99
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