The BizTouch feature phone gives you one-touch access to the features you use most often. Because it's designed specifically for the Bizfon system, it is able to provide one-button access to voice mail, a feature rarely found on phone systems costing thousands of dollars more. The BizTouch feature phone includes speakerphone operation, and you can mix it with conventional corded and cordless phones in a Bizfon 680 system. We carry several different BizTouch phones including the analog BT2, digital BT3, and even the IP based BT6 phone.

  • Bizfon 680 Expansion Cable 10-PIN Cord

    Bizfon 680 Expansion Cable 10-PIN Cord

    The Bizfon expansion cable is a 10-pin cable, with a special pinout, used to connect a Bizfon 680 main unit to an expansion unit(s).  The cable is required otherwise you will not be able to expand your system.  A standard Cat5E or Cat6E...
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  • Curly Cord Bizfon Handset Curly Cords Lot of 10 - New

    Bizfon Handset Curly Cords Lot of 10 - New

    These Bizfon handset cords are brand new replacements for your Bizfon phone. The cords come in Bizfon's charcoal or black color to match your phone. Each cord is 9 feet long when outstretched, allowing users to stretch the cord safely while working. The...
    MSRP: $22.99
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  • Bizfon BT2 Biztouch Black Corded Display Phone

    Bizfon BT2 BizTouch 2 Phone Black

    The Bizfon BT2 is an affordable business phone designed for use with Bizfon's 680 phone system. An analog phone with a built in display, the BizTouch 2 supports functions such as Caller ID. In addition, four soft keys at the top of the phone make...
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  • Bizfon Biztouch3 BT3 Biztouch Gray Phone

    Bizfon Biztouch3 BT3 Biztouch Gray Phone

    Please note if using Comcast: Comcast is known for 'surging' the line which burns out the BT3 phone's chipset. Any BT3 sent back for RMA with a burned chipset will have their warranty voided. The BizTouch 3 is Bizfon's top of the line phone designed for...
    MSRP: $191.99
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