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Our Mission Statement:

Dotcom Computers is dedicated to providing our customers, both local and international, with outstanding customer service and telecom equipment at an affordable price. We stand by what we sell with a one year warranty.”

A Short Bio:

Dotcom Computers Inc. is a reseller of refurbished business telephones, computer network switches, routers, multiplexers, and more! Based in Raynham, Massachusetts, our team of telephone and computer networking professionals are dedicated to supplying our customers with the equipment they need. We specialize in refurbished and legacy equipment, providing telephones and parts that are no longer manufactured, but still needed. We also sell new equipment from Adtran, Allworx, Yealink and more.

Dotcom Computers Inc. was founded in 1996 by CEO and President, Fred Tardie. Since then, we’ve been growing and expanding our knowledge base.  Based in Raynham, MA, we’re proud to be an American business and be veteran owned.

Why Choose Dotcom Computers?

It’s a fact... The quality build of major brand business phones, routers and switches has never been higher. Buying used tech gear today from a reputable reseller like DotCom is similar to buying a two-year old Lexus off the dealer lot. It not only saves you money and ensures your phone equipment is in good working order; it simply makes good business sense! That’s why more and more businesses are considering a refurbished phone system and used networking equipment. The savings of buying used cannot be ignored, and our one-year warranty means you’re protected down the road.

At DotCom Computers, we have the highest standards and only carry the top name IP phones and networking gear ranging from Dell, Cisco, Shoretel, Panasonic, Adtran, Polycom, Toshiba, Samsung, Avaya  and many other GradeaA top manufacturers. Our dedicated staff inspects, tests, refurbishes, and QA approves every product and backs our equipment with a one-year replacement guarantee and a two-year extension warranty option on certain items. You will be pressed to find a used phone and used network equipment reseller who has a more thorough inspection and quality assurance regiment. Our team takes pride in the products we sell! Take a look at DotCom’s refurbished testing check list below:

Dotcom Computers Refurbishing Process

Inspection: Dotcom Computers thoroughly inspects all devices for blemishes, marks and scratches. If a product passes inspection, it moves on to the next step. Products that don’t pass are recycled or sold for parts.

Testing: All phones and networking equipment are tested by the Dotcom Computers quality assurance staff.

Cleaning: Dotcom Computers thoroughly cleans and disinfects every item. Our team uses the best cleaning solutions not only to clean, but protect and restore. We ensure the cleaning solutions are safe for each product and will not cause discoloration or damage in any way.

Compiling: During the cleaning process, Dotcom Computers provides all the necessary accessories including cables, designation strips, rack mounts, power supplies, etc.

QA Check: Dotcom Computers QA manager conducts a final inspection. They scrutinize condition, functionality, required accessories and more.

Packaging: After an item has been approved, it is individually boxed, labeled, and stored by our staff in our 10,000 sq. ft. climate controlled warehouse.

We are so confident in our refurbished phone and network gear that we offer a free one-year warranty on every item.
One Year Warranty
There are certain products on our website where a two-year extension warranty option is offered for a small fee.

Why Buy From Dotcom Computers?

  1. Reputation - Founded in 1996, Dotcom Computers is dedicated to providing our customers, both local and international, with outstanding customer service and telecom equipment at an affordable price. We take the worry out of buying refurbished.
  2. Cost - Refurbished phones and networking gear are much more affordable than new telecom equipment. In many cases, the refurbished price is less than half the price of the new item.
  3. Condition - Every item is 'Grade A' refurbished, meaning it's in near perfect condition.
  4. Tested - Every item is tested on a compatible system ensuring it is fully functional.
  5. Warranty - Every phone and piece of network equipment sold by Dotcom Computers includes a free one year warranty. There's no fine print to read. If your item is not in working order, we replace it and cover the shipping fees.
  6. Inventory - Our 10,000 sq. Ft. climate controlled warehouse allows us to stock and ship the items we sell. We carry phones, phone systems, modules and accessories from more than 40 of the top brands including Toshiba, Yealink, Vodavi, Plantronics, NEC, Netgear, HP, ESI, Allworx, Inter-Tel, Mitel, Jabra, Iwatsu, Nortel, Bizfon, Aastra, and more.
  7. EOL – We stock legacy gear. These are products that have reached their "End-of-Life" and are no longer being manufactured and/or sold by the manufacturer. We stock these older items so your system and network can remain up and running! Having the ability to replace parts or pieces that are no longer being manufactured allows you to keep your existing working systems without having to spend lots of money to upgrade or replace what is working.
  8. Shipping - We pride ourselves in shipping the same day your order is placed (must be placed by 2pm to qualify).  A variety of methods are offered during the checkout process.
  9. Buy Old Working Gear – If you decide that upgrading to new equipment or a different system all together is right for your business, we also purchase old gear that is in working order and good condition. Contact or fill out the contact us form to get the process started.

Ready to speak with one of our friendly consultants?

At Dotcom Computers, we can answer your technical questions and help you decide whether a new or refurbished phone system or telecom gear is right for you and your business. Contact our office via phone at 800-798-3682, or email us at We also offer online chat on our website.

Don’t see something on our website? We probably have it! If we don’t, we can get it for you. With a large warehouse, we stock more than we can list on our website. We carry current and discontinued telephones and network equipment.

We’re a small company that believes first and foremost in excellent customer service.
Our main contact phone number is
1(800) 798-3682 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.