Adtran Atlas 550 Chassis and Modules

The Adtran Atlas 550 Series of Integrated Access Devices (IADs) offers one of the most versatile integrated access platforms available on the market today for converging voice, video, data, and Internet communications. This series includes the Atlas 550 Integrated Access Device (IAD) chassis, modules, and bundled systems designed to improve and lower network costs for enterprise businesses and network service providers.
Adtran Atlas 550 Features:

Offers modular, economical platforms that support T3, T1, PRI, ISDN, and Frame Relay
Consolidates voice and data circuits, enables bandwidth sharing
Simplifies traditional multiplexed and packet networks, eases management and deployment, improves bandwidth efficiency
Integrates many networking functions into a modular, economical chassis
Lowers one of the largest IT expenses - monthly telecom costs
Enables PRI to T1, BRI, or analog conversions; ISDN PRI/BRI switching; ISDN conversion and over-subscription; T1/T3 DACSing and grooming; Frame Relay switching; and video conferencing connectivity