3 Com Networking Switches

3Com networking switches are available in several variations, as PoE switches, and as phone systems for the 3Com NBX system. Available in 24 or 48 ports, 3Com switches come in 10mb and 10/100 configurations at a low cost, attractive price point. SuperStack 3 Digital line cards are available in the series in addition to digital gateway switches for implementing a digital T1/E1 line into your phone system. Get the most out of your NBX phone system with 3Com SuperStack and VCX switches.

  • 3com 3C16987A SuperStack 3300SM 24 Port 1698-710-001

    3com 3C16987A SuperStack Switch 3300SM 1698-710-001

    The 3com 3C16987A SuperStack Switch 3300SM 1698-710-001 switch lets you connect Ethernet/Fast Ethernet switches, Fast Ethernet hubs, and Gigabit Ethernet devices in a truly stackable solution. Part of 3Com's family of fixed-configuration, stackable...
  • 3Com 3C13840 6040 3U Router

    3Com 3C13840 6040 3U Router

    The 3Com 3C13840 6040 3U Router is rackmountable comes equipped with four Flexible Interface Card (FIC) slots that hold LAN and WAN interface cards for added flexibility in adapting the network to immediate and future business needs. The power supply and...
    MSRP: $639.99
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  • 3Com 3C10400B NBX Analog Terminal Adapter

    3Com Analog Phone Adapter 3C10400 NBX

    The 3Com 3C10400 NBX Analog Adapter is a stand-alone unit with a single 10/100 Ethernet (FXS) port. The 3Com NBX analog terminal adapter allows an analog and an Ethernet device to share the same Ethernet LAN cabling with the flexibility of being powered...
    MSRP: $130.99
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