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Plantronics HL10 Automated Handset Lifter (60961-32)


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SKU: HL10-ref
Condition: Refurbished
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A-Stock: Great cosmetic condition.

B-Stock: May contain cosmetic blemishes such as surface scratches, worn or yellowed buttons, etc...

These phones have been tested and are fully functional. All phones are refurbished and come individually boxed with new curly cords, new designations, and a one year warranty!


The Plantronics HL-10 60961-32 is a wonderful device that is compatible with your Plantronics wireless headset systems. The HL10 automated handset lifter does exactly what is says, it automatically lifts your phone's handset enabling you to answer a call even while you're away from your desk. It also hangs up by returning your handset to the cradle once you are done with your conversation. This device attaches to your phone via sticky pads and can be removed at any time if you decide to change phones. The HL10 plugs into your Plantronics Wireless System and does not require any batteries.

HL10 Lifter Features:

  • Automatically Lifts Handset
  • Compatible With Most Desktop Phones
  • Easy Installation/Removal
  • Adjustable


Two different versions of the HL10 lifter exist. Both versions look and function exactly the same, the only difference is the jack which plugs into your Plantronics Wireless System. The default HL10 lifter which is designed for the CS series of wireless units has an angled plug, while the HL10 lifter designed for the Savi series has a straight plug.

HL10 CS Lifter 60961-32 (Default) HL10 Savi Lifter 60961-35
Plantronics CS50 Plantronics Savi W710
Plantronics CS55 Plantronics Savi W720
Plantronics CS60 Plantronics Savi W730
Plantronics CS70 Plantronics Savi W730-M
Plantronics CS70N Plantronics Savi W740
Plantronics CS70VT Plantronics Savi W740-M
Plantronics Voyager 510S Plantronics Savi W745
Plantronics CS510  
Plantronics CS520  
Plantronics CS530  
Plantronics CS540  
Plantronics CS545  


  • (1) Plantronics HL10 Handset Lifter
  • Sticky Pads
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