Vodavi is a provider of high quality IP and digital telecommunications equipment.  Acquired by Vertical Communications in 2006, Vodavi phone systems are still supported by Vertical to this day.  At Dotcom Computers, we sell a wide range of Vodavi products including phones, cards, and voice mail options. All refurbished Vodavi equipment sold by Dotcom Computers includes a one year warranty at no additional charge.

  • Vodavi 4 Port Digital Voicemail DHD-04 304-04

    Vodavi 4 Port Digital Voicemail DHD-04 304-04

    This Vodavi unit is a digital voicemail system specifically designed for Vodavi phone systems. The Vodavi DHD-04 four port voicemail module allows up to four people to access the system at any one time. This includes both those checking and leaving...
    MSRP: $289.87