Toshiba Phone Systems and Cards

Toshiba phone systems are perfect for any business from small offices to large enterprises. The Toshiba Strata system of phones are some of the most affordable on the market, lowering your total cost of ownership. The Toshiba Strata comes in multiple forms, including the CIX and CTX. The phone systems support both digital and IP based endpoints for a variety of deployment options.

  • Toshiba GCDU2A CIX40 3x8 Expansion Module

    Toshiba GCDU2A CIX40 3x8 Expansion Module

    The Toshiba GCDU2A is the expansion module for Toshbia CIX 40 phone systems. The module provides an additional three analog trunks for dialing and provides eight digital stations. Only one GCDU2A expansion card can be added to any Toshiba system. Toshiba...
    MSRP: $329.99
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  • Toshiba BBCU1A Processor Card CTX670 Toshiba BECU1A Processor Card CTX670

    Toshiba BBCU1A / BECU1A Processor Card CTX670

    This Toshiba processor card is designed for the CTX670 phone system and includes both the BBCU1A and BECU1A processor cards.  The processor card is required for the CTX670 phone system to work and supports 64 users along with 4 DTMF receivers. ...
    MSRP: $575.99
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  • Toshiba Stratagy Voicemail Card SG-IVP8-4

    Toshiba Stratagy SG-IVP8-4 Voicemail Card

    The Toshiba Stratagy SG-IVP8-4 Card can hold up to four hours of voicemail messages and was designed for the Toshiba Strata phone system. The Toshiba SG-IVP8-4 is a four port voicemail card that routes calls to certain extensions or departments depending...
    MSRP: $592.99
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  • Toshiba Stratagy iES32 Voice Processing Server

    Toshiba Stratagy iES32 Voice Processing Server

    The Toshiba Stratagy iES32 is an enterprise-class four port voice processing server for your Toshiba CIX or CTX system. The iES32 is easily installed into your Toshiba system and allows you to manage voice, fax, and email messages. This Toshiba server...
    MSRP: $801.99
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  • Toshiba Strata T1 RDTU3A Card

    Toshiba RDTU3A Strata T1 DS1 Card

    The Toshiba RDTU3A T1 card provides 12-24 channels of connectivity for your Toshiba phone system. This card terminates a T1 circuit and is compatible with the Toshiba CTX670, CTX100, DK424i, and the DK40i. An external CSU is required but not provided...
    MSRP: $46.99
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