Toshiba IP Phones IP IPT

Toshiba offers a wide range of IP phones which is perfect for the varying roles within your business. Ranging from the 2000 series to the 5000 series and up, your Toshiba phone is sure to provide reliability, functionality, and ease of use in an elegant design. Some of the features you can expect from Toshiba IP phones are a full duplex speakerphone, headset port, programmable buttons, backlit LCD displays, and so on.

We sell the Toshiba IP phones for hundreds off retail. These Toshiba IP phones are designed to operate in a VoIP environment, either on a Strata CIX system or a Strata CTX system. Each refurbished Toshiba IP phone includes a one year warranty.

  • Toshiba Add-On Module KM5020

    Toshiba KM5020 Add-On Module DSS

    The Toshiba KM5020 Expansion Module adds an additional twenty programmable buttons to your Toshiba IP or DP5000 series phone. This expansion module, also known as an add-on module, can save you money rather than having to purchase a new phone with more...
    MSRP: $117.99
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  • Toshiba 5000 Series Replacement Handset - New

    Toshiba 5000 Series Replacement Handset

    This is a brand new replacement handset for the Toshiba 5000 series IP and DP series phones. This handset comes in black and has unparalleled sound quality. Please be sure to check the compatibility of this handset prior to purchasing. Compatibility: ...
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