Toshiba EKT Phones

Toshiba phones designed for the EKT systems. These EKT phones are all in excellent condition. Get the lowest costing Toshiba EKT phones from Dotcom Computers Inc. Legacy Toshiba EKT phones are refurbished and include a one year warranty.

  • Toshiba EKT-6510H Digital Handsfree Phone

    Toshiba EKT-6510S Electronic Key Phone

    The Toshiba EKT-6510s is an Electronic Key Telephone designed for Toshiba phone systems.  The Toshiba EKT6510-S features ten programmable buttons and a speakerphone. Toshiba EKT-6510S Phone Features: Speakerphone 10 Programmable Buttons 8 Line...
    MSRP: $117.99
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  • Curly Cord Toshiba Handset Curly Cords - New Lot 10x

    Toshiba Handset Curly Lot of 10 Cords - New

    These Toshiba curly cords are brand new and designed to match your Toshiba phone. Each curly cord is 9 feet long when outstretched so you have plenty of room to maneuver with your handset. Toshiba Curly Cord Compatibility: While these cords will work...
    MSRP: $22.99
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  • Toshiba Strata EKT6520-SD Phone

    Toshiba EKT6520-SD Strata Digital Phone

    The Toshiba EKT6520-SD features twenty programmable buttons along with LED status indicators to see the status of each line. The EKT6520-SD also has four fixed feature keys, three menu buttons, a crystal clear screen to see incoming and outgoing calls,...
    MSRP: $106.99
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  • Toshiba EKT-6510H Digital Handsfree Phone

    Toshiba EKT-6510H Digital Handsfree Phone

    The Toshiba EKT-6510H is a digital phone with 10 built in programmable keys. These digital phones feature a built in half-duplex speakerphone allowing for handsfree communication. This is the H in EKT-6510H. The EKT-6510H can handle up to 8 simultaneous...
    MSRP: $117.99
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