Toshiba DKT DP Digital Phones

Get the best deals on Digital Toshiba phones. Designed for the Strata series, these phones are all refurbished, high quality replacements for your system. Save hundreds off of retail by purchasing Toshiba DKT phones from us. Dotcom Computers carries all of the Toshiba DKT and DP phones. All refurbished Toshiba phones include a one year warranty.

  • Toshiba DKT3020C-SD Canadian Digital Phone

    Toshiba DKT3020C-SD Canadian Digital Phone

    The Toshiba DKT3020C-SD is the Canadian version of the phone. The phone will only work on Canadian PBXs, but still include a speakerphone, display, and ten programmable buttons! The DKT3020C-SD is recommend to all users who run a Canadian PBX to ensure...
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  • Toshiba DKT3201 Digital Single Line Phone 3201

    Toshiba DKT3201 Digital Single Line Phone 3201

    The Toshiba Strata DKT3201 is a digital phone designed for Toshiba Strata phone systems. The DKT3201 is a small, single line telephone designed to fit conveniently in tighter spaces. The Toshiba DKT 3201 is perfect for low call volume areas where access...
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  • Toshiba DP5130-SDL Digital Display Phone

    Toshiba DP5130-FSDL Digital Display Phone

    The Toshiba DP5130-FSDL phone is the flagship phone of the DP 5000 series of phones. The phone is designed to operate on the Toshiba CIX series of phone systems. The DP5130-FSDL includes a 9 line backlit display for display all relevant information. The...
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  • Toshiba DKT2000 Series Handset

    Toshiba DKT2000 Series Handset - New

    The Toshiba DKT2000 Series Handset is a direct replacement handset for your Toshiba DKT2000 series compatible phone. Each handset is a new, factory made handset to ensure crystal clear calls. Restore every phone to like new condition with a new...
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  • Toshiba Wireless Extender DKT2404-UDR200 Repeater

    Toshiba Wireless Extender DKT2404-UDR200 Repeater

    The Toshiba DKT2404-UDR200 wireless extender is used to extend the operating range of the DKT2504-DECT cordless phone base station. Repeater for DKT2504 Phone Includes: (1) Toshiba Wireless Extender for DKT2504-DECT Phone
    MSRP: $623.99
  • Toshiba Add-On Module DADM3020

    Toshiba DADM3020 Add-On Module DSS Console

    The Toshiba DADM3020 adds 20 feature buttons to any of the DKT3000 Series telephones. The feature buttons can be CO line access, direct station selection, or system speed dial. Up to two expansion consoles can be attached to a telephone and provide forty...
    MSRP: $79.99
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  • Toshiba DKT2504-DECT Cordless Phone

    Toshiba DKT2504-DECT Digital Cordless Phone

    The Toshiba DKT2504-DECT sports a sleek design with DECT wireless technology and is compatible with certain Toshiba systems.  The Toshiba DKT2504-DECT is an upgraded version from the DKT2404 which has since been discontinued.  The DKT2504...
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