IP Phones

Polycom SIP / VoIP Phones are an open standards IP phone designed for SIP compliant PBXs. Take advantage of the open SIP phone standard and purchase Polycom SIP phones that work on many unified communications solutions--both hosted and in-house. Polycom IP phones employ crystal clear Polycom HD technology to ensure audio perfection for your phone calls over IP. Enjoy a large increase in the quality of phone call audio processing with your IP phone.

Dotcom Computers carries a wide variety of Polycom IP phones--including both their SoundPoint series and newer VVX series. Polycom IP phones include a standard one year warranty from Dotcom Computers.

  • Polycom SoundPoint IP 430 (2200-12430-001) Phone

    Polycom IP 430 SoundPoint Phone 2200-12430-001

    The Polycom SoundPoint IP 430 is a phone designed for low call volumes and is easy to use. The SoundPoint 430 supports two lines and has two programmable keys for convenient speed-dialing or extensions - plus dual color LED status indicators allow you to...
    MSRP: $64.99
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  • Polycom SoundPoint IP 330 (2200-12330-025) Phone

    Polycom IP 330 SoundPoint Phone 2200-12330-025

    The Polycom SoundPoint IP 330 (2200-12330-025) is a popular phone for many reasons, the most important being its affordability. Another major selling point of the SoundPoint IP 330 is it's small footprint which is very important when desktop space is at...
    MSRP: $70.99
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  • Polycom SoundPoint IP 320 Phone 2200-12320-001

    Polycom IP 320 SoundPoint Phone 2200-12320-001

    The Polycom SoundPoint IP 320 is a two line deskphone designed to work with a large range of business phone systems. the Polycom 320 is a SIP based phone that features powerful standard features such as a graphical display, full duplex speakerphone, an...
    MSRP: $69.99
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  • Polycom IP 601 Phone - New

    Polycom IP 601 Phone 2200-11631-001

    The Polycom IP 601 (2201-11601-001) is a SIP, VoIP open standards phone that was designed to work on a wide range of phone systems. The Polycom 601 features six lines, six programmable buttons, and a 320 x 160 pixel display which allows you to easily...
    MSRP: $117.99
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  • Polycom IP 335 SoundPoint SIP

    Polycom IP 335 SoundPoint SIP 2200-12375-001

    The Polycom SoundPoint IP 335 is a simple, reliable IP deskphone that offers Polycom HD Voice quality and enterprise-grade features. The last thing your business needs is another set of technologies that will distract your teams from the business at hand...
    MSRP: $100.99
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