Hundreds of available Panasonic IP and Digital phones available at prices well below MSRP. These Panasonic phones and modules are all guaranteed working, and come with a warranty. Panasonic phones offer an attractive set of features, including the Super Hybrid series that have the ability to operate both as Digital phones and IP phones. Dotcom Computers sells refurbished Panasonic phones that include a standard one year warranty.

  • Panasonic VB-43611 DBS

    Panasonic VB-43611 8 Port DBS Module

    The Panasonic VB-43611 is an 8 port digital station card designed for the Panasonic DBS phone systems. The VB-43611 provides 8 ports for connecting digital DBS phones to the Panasonic phone system Panasonic VB-43611 Features: Digital...
    MSRP: $94.15
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  • Panasonic KX-TD50172 16 Port DLC Module

    Panasonic KX-TD50172 16 Port DLC Module

    The Panasonic KX-TD50172 is a digital line card that adds sixteen digital ports to your Panasonic phone system.  The Panasonic KX-TD50172 is designed for the 7200 and 7400 series of phones; however, this module does not support the eXtra...
    MSRP: $147.58
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  • Panasonic KX-T7456 Phone

    Panasonic KX-T7456 Digital Display Phone

    The Panasonic KX-T7456 super hybrid digital phone is designed for Panasonic phone systems and offers some great features.  The KX-T7456 has twenty-four programmable line keys, a 6-line backlit display, speakerphone, and an XDP port.  The...
    MSRP: $194.67
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  • Panasonic KX-T7431 Phone

    Panasonic KX-T7431 Super Hybrid Phone

    The Panasonic KX-T7431 is a digital phone designed for Panasonic phone systems.  The KX-T7431 features twelve programmable buttons, and backlit LCD display, speakerphone and even an eXtra Device Port also known as XDP. Panasonic...
    MSRP: $119.99
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  • Panasonic KX-TS4100 4-Line Phone

    Panasonic KX-TS4100 4-Line Phone

    The Panasonic KX-TS4100 supports four lines and features thirty-two one touch memory keys.  The KX-TS4100 has some additional great features like the multi-lined display, speakerphone, navigational key and more.  This phone can be...
  • Panasonic KX-DT333 24 Button Digital Phone

    Panasonic KX-DT333 24 Button Digital Phone

    The Panasonic KX-DT333 is a twenty-four button digital phone designed for Panasonic phone systems.  The twenty-four buttons are used for lines, extensions, and speed dialing.  The four soft keys along with the navigational key are used to...
    MSRP: $208.99
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