The NEC DSX 40 and DSX 80 are ideal, mordern phone systems for a small business. The DSX-40 and DSX-80 offer power features in a small compact package. Two separate phones, the DSX 22 Button and DSX 32 button ensure users have the functionality they need.

  • Curly Cord NEC Handset Curly Cords - New Lot 10x (Black)

    NEC Handset Curly Cords - New Lot 10x (Black)

    These handset cords are black replacement cords for NEC digital and IP phones. The curly cords are color matched to the handset of the phone for a matching scheme. These NEC curly cords come in lots of 10, each purchase is for 10 cords. The cords are...
    MSRP: $22.99
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