Mitel is a manufacturer of enterprise class telecom equipment.  Mitel has been around for years and Dotcom Computers sells everything from the Encore series, to the newer 6900 series of phones.  If you don't see the model phone you need feel free to contact us, chances are we have it in stock.

  • Mitel IP 5010 Phone (50000374) Dual Mode Black

    Mitel 5010 IP Phone 50000374 Dual Mode Black

    The Mitel IP 5010 is a programmable IP designed to support both the MiNET and SIP protocols. This dual mode phone has six programmable line keys and a built in display that can show caller ID. The phone includes a dedicated headset jack and a message...
    MSRP: $76.99
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  • Mitel 8568 Digital Phone (50006123)

    Mitel 8568 Digital Phone 50006123

    The Mitel 8568 digital phone is a multi-line digital phone built for Mitel 5000 phone systems. 16 programmable keys are built into the phone and include LED status indicators to alert users to the status of a programmed line or extension. The Mitel...
    MSRP: $104.99
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  • Mitel 8528 Digital Phone (50006122)

    Mitel 8528 Digital Phone 50006122

    The Mitel 8528 is the digital version of the Mitel 5000 phone system. The digital phone includes several key features including a two line display and 16 programmable line keys. Each line key includes LED status indicators to alert users to the status of...
    MSRP: $118.99
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  • Mitel 5340e Gigabit IP Phone

    Mitel 5340e Gigabit IP Phone (50006478)

    The Mitel 5340e is a powerful phone and perfect for those who demand high performance. The Mitel 5340e differs from the regular 5340 version due to dual integrated Gigabit Ethernet ports. The LAN and PC ports of the 5340e offer 10/100/1000 Mbps so your...
    MSRP: $370.99
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  • Mitel 5320e Gigabit IP Phone

    Mitel 5320e Gigabit IP Phone (50006474)

    The Mitel 5320e is an enterprise class phone designed to keep up with the most demanding user. The 5320e features Gigabit (10/100/1000 Mbps) speeds which enable you to maintain high performance without sacrificing network speed when connecting your phone...
    MSRP: $226.99
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  • Mitel 5020 IP Phone Charcoal (50000380)

    Mitel 5020 IP Phone Charcoal 50000380

    The Mitel 5020 IP phone is a basic, programmable phone that provides support for up to 14 line keys. The IP phone has a two line display and can support power over Ethernet (802.3af power over Ethernet). Additional features include a message waiting...
    MSRP: $70.99
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