Digium Sangoma

Asterisk is an open source telephony software created by Digium, which is used by millions.  Asterisk catapulted Digium to the top of the industry, where they now offer a line of hardware and software including phones, modules, and much more.  Digium is also the creator of Switchvox, an award winning Unified Communications solution that works for businesses of all sizes.

  • Digium TE122P Single T1 PCI Card

    Digium TE122P Single T1 PCI Card 1TE122P

    The Digium TE122P card offers a single T1/E1 port (RJ-48) that supports both data and voice modes. The Digium TE122P supports 24 T1 or 30 E1 connections and is designed for Asterisk based phone systems. Digium TE122P Features: Single Port (RJ-48)...
    MSRP: $830.99
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  • Digium TE110P T1/E1 PRI Card

    Digium TE110P T1/E1/PRI PCI Card 1TE110P

    The Digium TE110P is a single port card that supports T1/E1 connections. The Digium TE110P can support up to 24 T1's or 32 E1's and was designed for use with Asterisk based systems. This Digium card supports all the standard telephony protocols. Digium...
    MSRP: $165.99
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  • Digium TCE400B (1TCE400BLF) PCIe Transcoder Card

    Digium TCE400B PCIe Transcoder Card 1TCE400BLF

    The Digium TCE400B is a voice processing module that is compatible with Switchvox and Asterisk based systems. The Digium TCE400B lowers the required bandwidth and CPU usage because it handles the complex codec translations that are normally processed by...
    MSRP: $1,186.99
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  • Digium S110M Daughter Card FXS Module

    Digium S110M FXS Module Daughter Card

    The Digium S110M daughter card was designed to fit the Digium TDM400P card, adding a single FXS interface. The Digium TDM400P can support up to four S110M FXS daughter cards. Digium S110M Features: Adds (1) FXS Port Includes: (1) Digium S110M Daughter...
    MSRP: $46.99
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  • Digium D70 IP Phone

    Digium D70 IP Phone (1TELD070LF)

    The Digium D70 is an advanced IP phone for use with Asterisk and other open SIP based phone systems. The Digium D70 provides 6 line keys and an additional 10 rapid dial buttons for connecting quickly to different extensions or outside numbers. These keys...
    MSRP: $331.99
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  • Digium D50 IP Phone (1TELD050LF) Digium D50 Back

    Digium D50 IP Phone (1TELD050LF)

    The Digium D50 (1TELD050LF) was designed for mid-level employees who need multiple line appearances and programmable rapid dial/BLF keys for connecting with their co-workers. The D50 supports 4 lines appearances and includes dual color LED indicators you...
    MSRP: $224.99
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  • Digium D45 IP Phone

    Digium D45 Gigabit IP Phone (1TELD045LF)

    The Digium D45 (1TELD045LF) IP phone is smaller than the D70 and D50 phones, however, it is the perfect choice when desktop space is at a premium. Although the D45 doesn't have programmable keys, its big selling feature is the integrated Gigabit Ethernet...
    MSRP: $212.99
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  • Digium D40 IP Phone

    Digium D40 IP Phone (1TELD040LF)

    The Digium D40 is the perfect phone for those who don't have a lot of desktop space. The D40 is small, affordable, and utilizes the open source Asterick software. The Digium D40 (1TELD040LF) doesn't skimp on features; this phone supports two line...
    MSRP: $153.99
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