IP Phones

What do you want from a phone? The ability to make calls over the Internet or a standard phone line? Flexible performance as a PBX or Key system unit? Portability between home, office and remote sites? Whatever you need, there is an Allworx phone to fit your need and budget. Allworx IP phones include SIP capabilities to connect to your system.

  • Paetec IP 9212P Phone

    Paetec / Allworx 9212P IP Phone

    As you may or may not know, the Paetec 9212P and the Allworx 9212 look a lot alike. The reason is because Paetec and Allworx are both owned by the same parent company. In fact, both versions of the 9212 are identical in functionality, the only difference...
    MSRP: $107.99
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  • Paetec IP 9204P VoIP Phone

    Allworx/Paetec IP 9204P VoIP Phone

    The Paetec 9204P functions exactly the same as the Allworx 9204 because they are owned by the same parent company. The only difference between the two versions is the logo, otherwise they are the same phone. The Paetec 9204P is a popular phone because is...
    MSRP: $119.99
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  • Allworx IP 9224 VoIP Phone - New

    Allworx IP 9224 VoIP Phone + Power (NEW)

    The Allworx 9224 is todays premier high-fidelity IP phone bringing the latest advancements in IP telephony to todays business leaders. Supporting between 24 to 96 programmable function keys (PFKs) with the additional Tx 92/24 Expander units, the Allworx...
    MSRP: $324.99
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  • Allworx IP 9224 Phone 8110055

    Allworx IP 9224 Phone 8110055

    The Allworx 9224 is a powerful, feature rich phone. This flagship phone by Allworx supports 24 line appearances and features 24 programmable buttons, 4 soft keys, 3 navigation keys, and 10 fixed feature keys (messages, intercom, conference, transfer,...
    MSRP: $197.99
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