Total Access 3000

The Total Access 3000/3010 is a compact, cost-efficient, and scalable platform that may be configured as a DSLAM or ATM Switch. It is designed for market-ready deployment in the Central Office (CO), Remote Terminal (RT), or Multi-Tenant Unit environment. It provides full DSLAM functionality serving up to 224 ports in only ten (10) inches of rack space. The Total Access 3000/3010 DSLAM also provides tier-two and edge switch capability, offering T1 IMA and DS3 aggregation.

Widely deployed in multiple environments, the Total Access 3000/3010 is perfect as a high-density Enhanced Broadband access platform that provides services from ADSL with Gigabit Ethernet network connectivity.

The Total Access 3000 provides high-bandwidth, bonded and non-bonded copper solutions for transporting and aggregating Ethernet. Services include Ethernet transport over bonded and non-bonded Enhanced SHDSL, and DS1/E1 utilizing Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) protocol as the bonding method.

Total Access 3000/3010’s real value in a TDM configuration is its ability to deliver T1 lines out to various applications. It supports HDSL, HDSL2, HDSL4, DSX-1, and POTS applications in conjunction with IADs and other network components.