Atlas 890 Chassis

Dotcom Computers carries a large and varied list of Adtran Atlas 890 equipment. Both the AC and DC powered chassis are available for sale.

The ATLAS Series of Enterprise Integrated Access Devices (IADs) is one of the most versatile integrated access platforms on the market today for converging voice, data, and video. The ATLAS Series offers modular platforms that support T3, T1, PRI, ISDN, or Frame Relay; and can be configured to meet multiple networking requirements, in a cost-effective solution.
Adtran Atlas 890 Features:

Voice and data circuit consolidation and bandwidth sharing
Modular, economic chassis configurations that integrate many networking functions and reduce monthly telecom costs
ISDN PRI to T1, BRI, or analog conversion and oversubscription features; ISDN PRI/BRI switching
Multi-T1/PRI DACSing and grooming, WAN emulation, videoconferencing
Support for T3 applications acting as a 3/1/0 DACs and groom or IAD
Integral switchboard and dial plan for intelligent call switching, overbooking, and number substitution