Atlas 800

The Adtran Atlas 800 Series are designed to be a cost effective solution for businesses seeking a complete telecom solution. Unlike other systems which require a lot of hardware, the Atlas 800's can function as a T1/E1 bandwidth manager, IP router, ISDN-PRI switch, and more! These Integrated Access Devices, commonly referred to as IADs, converge WAN access, voice, data, video, internet and more all while improving deployment times and bandwidth efficiency.

The Adtran Atlas 800 IADs make it possible for your network devices to share bandwidth and WAN access, while performing intelligent call routing via the dial plan and switchboard. Dynamic call switching is another great feature to have because it automatically performs depending on the number called, or calling number. The bottom line is that the Adtran Atlas 800 Series of Integrated Access Devices simplifies traditional multiplexed and packet networks.