Aastra is a company that delivers enterprise level communication products with special attention given to open standards. Their mission is to improve communications enabling a higher efficiency rate and agility from business to business.  Here are Dotcom Computers, we proudly sell new and refurbished Aastra desktop phones at incredible prices.  Check out our inventory of Aastra business phones, featuring VoIP and SIP configurations.

  • Aastra 37i 6737i

    Aastra 37i 6737i Gigabit IP SIP Phone

    The Aastra 6737i is a SIP based phone that features a Gigabit Ethernet switch, 12 soft keys, a speakerphone and much more.  The Aastra 37i is a great choice for those who require high performance along with practicality.  Aastra phones are high...
    MSRP: $119.99
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  • Aastra 6725ip IP Phone Microsoft Lync

    Aastra 6725ip IP Phone Microsoft Lync

    The Aastra 6725ip is an IP phone designed for Microsoft Lync phone systems. The Aastra 6725ip features a large full color display and support for wideband audio often seen in more expensive phones. The phone can be powered via either an optional AC...
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  • Aastra Footstands for 6751i, 53i, 55i, 57i NEW (D0080-1260-00-75)

    Aastra Footstands for 6751i, 53i, 55i, 57i

    The Aastra D0080-1260-00-75 replacement footstands are brand new, come as a pair, and are guaranteed to fit your 6751i, 6753i, 6755i and 6757i phone.  These footstands support your phone, allowing you to clearly read your screen; increasing...
    MSRP: $17.99
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  • Aastra Telecom M6320 Phone

    Aastra Telecom M6320 Centrex Digital Phone

    The Meridian 6320 by Aastra represents the next generation in the development of digital Centrex telephones. With sleek new styling and both headset ports and hands-free speakerphone, the M6320 is ideally suited for both medium/large enterprise and call...
    MSRP: $296.99
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  • Aastra 675i (560M) Expansion Module

    Aastra 675i (560M) Expansion Module

    The Aastra 675i provides 20 additional programmable keys to add to an Aastra 6755i or 6757i phone. The expansion module has a large LCD screen that labels each line key. In addition, each line key has an LED status indicator built in to alert users to...
    MSRP: $125.00
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