3Com NBX 100 Phone System and Components

Get the best deals on the 3Com NBX 100 phone system and components for it. The 3Com NBX 100 system and modules are designed as a complete VoIP system for your business, no matter how small or large.

The 3Com NBX 100 supports up to 200 devices/100 PSTN lines. It connects your remote workers directly through their Internet router, and reliably connects multiple intra-company sites - across town or around the globe - with low-cost IP virtual tie lines. Adding locations and capacity is easy: the 3Com NBX 100 and Super Stack 3 NBX telephony solutions both use the same system software.

  • 3Com NBX V3000 IP Phone System 3C10600B

    3Com 3C10600B NBX V3000 Analog System

    The 3Com NBX V3000 Analog System 3C10600B enables four FXO analog trunks combined into an IP phone system. 15 NBX Class 2 licenses are built in to provide connection for up to 15 3Com IP phones. NBX Voicemail is also supported within the system...
    MSRP: $1,186.99
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  • 3Com NBX Gateway Chassis (3C10200B)

    3Com 3C10200B NBX Gateway Chassis V5000

    The 3Com NBX 3C10200B is the chassis part number for the NBX gateway. The gateway includes four universal slots along with dual Ethernet ports that offer failover support. The system is compatible with the NBX 100, V3000, and V5000 phone systems. 3Com...
    MSRP: $177.99
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  • 3Com NBX Call Processor V5000 with Dual Power Supplies (3C10202)

    3Com 3C10202 NBX Call Processor V5000

    The 3Com NBX 3C10202 is a call processor and phone system for 3Com NBX phone systems. The 3Com V5000 can manage call traffic, gateway connectivity, music on hold, external alerts (RJ11) and paging. The 3Com 3C10202 can support up to 250 devices and...
    MSRP: $1,299.99
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  • 3Com NBX 100 IP Phone System

    3Com NBX 100 IP Phone System (3C10111C)

    The 3Com NBX 100 was originally introduced back in 1998, however, the NBX 100 3C10111C remains a big seller because of its reliability and performance. The 3Com NBX 100 can support up to 200 devices and 100 PSTN lines while delivering 10/100 Mbps speeds...
    MSRP: $394.99
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  • 3C10116D NBX 100 T1/PRI Digital Line Card

    3Com 3C10116D NBX 100 T1/PRI Digital Line Card

    The 3Com 3C10116D NBX 100 T1/PRI Digital Line Card terminates a voice T1, T1/PRI or Q.SIG slave circuit into the NBX system. The 3Com T1/PRI Digital Line Card NBX 100 has optimized network loading includes a 10/100 Mb MDI uplink port to connect to a LAN...
    MSRP: $153.99
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  • 3C10114 NBX Analog Line Card

    3Com 3C10114 3Com NBX Analog Line Card

    The 3Com NBX Analog Line Card (3C10114) connects up to four Loop Start PSTN telephone lines to the NBX 100/V3000/V5000 via RJ-11 interfaces; includes built-in Caller ID support and built-in power failure transfer jack.  3Com 3C10114 Features: ...
    MSRP: $46.99
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  • 3C10110 NBX Call Processor

    3Com 3C10110 NBX Call Processor

    The 3Com 3C10110 NBX Call Processor manages all incoming and outgoing call traffic. The 3Com Call Processor supports up to 200 NBX devices and 12 NBX voice mail languages; provides embedded application hosting, external application gateway connectivity,...
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